Cold Drawn Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Bimetal Composite Tube

Cold Drawn Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Bimetal Composite Tube

1. Description: 
Bimetallic composite tube is a type of seamless tube with exterior tube and inside tube built-in as a single tube and is extensively employed in oil fied,power technology,chemical sector,and many others. 

2. Commodity: Chilly drawn stainless steel and carbon metal bimetal composite tube

3. Dimension range: 
Outer tube dimensions: 325mm max in OD, wall thickness is not minimal.
Internal tube measurement: 300mm max in OD, 35mm min in ID. 
four. Steel quality:
Grade of outer tube: Numerous carbon metal grades like SAE 1571,SAE1026,SAE 1045,SAE 1541,and so on.
Quality of interior tube: Various stainless metal grades like 304,304L,316,316L,and so forth.

five. Manufacture method: CZPT cold drawing
six. Shipping and delivery situation: Cold drawn CZPT ultimate warmth dealing with.
7. Finish finish: Plain ends or bevelled finishes.

eight. CZPT export packing: In bundles tied with steel strips. Int&ext oil coating. End plastic caps. External packing by PVC luggage and knit luggage. 

9. CZPTized packing and marking can be provided upon request. 

Part II: Regularly Questioned Queries
1. MOQ: 
MOQ of bimetallic tube is determined by that of uncooked materials. CZPTly, our MOQ is 5 tons or 10 tons dependent on the dimensions necessary. 
2. Supply Time: Typical delivery time is thirty days.
3. Guarantee&Ensure: Warranty&promise interval is 6 months considering that we deliver the tubes, and we are not dependable for good quality difficulty caused by mistaken unloading or storage following cargo. We welcome customer’s inspection ahead of cargo. 
4. Payment Method: We accept payment strategy like T/T, L/C, or D/P, but it depends on our investigation about clients. We have a solution to appraise the credit rating of consumers from all more than the entire world, and time and amount of D/P we can launch is identified by the evaluation. 
five. Quality Manage: All the uncooked substance we use are with primary high quality made by well-known companies who are always stated-owned.This signifies the traceability of material and security of high quality.

We are a manufacturer of chilly drawn, cold rolled, and hydraulic chilly drawn metal tubes with OD upto 356mm since 2002. Covering an region of about 32000M2, we have 12 common workshops with 2 hydraulic cold drawing benches, 4 chain cold drawing benches, and 2 ERW mills. Our amenities addresses all the generation procedures from pickling, chilly drawing, warmth dealing with, saw slicing, straightening, inspection, packing to more machining &turning, cold drawing die fabrication, and products repairation&upkeep. 

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Cold Drawn Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Bimetal Composite Tube