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Product Description

Chain board conveyor line has been broadly utilised in automated manufacturing of a assortment of products transportation, this kind of as salad oil, canned products, meals, drugs, beverage, cosmetics, washing goods, paper merchandise, condiments and so on, is an indispensable transportation equipment in modern day industrial merchandise transportation.

Chain plate conveyor line can meet up with the requirements of solitary supply, also can make a one column and much more strolling slowly and gradually, ensuing in storage potential, satisfy the bottle sterilization machine, machine, chilly bottle equipment feeding requirements of two the head of the scraper chain conveyor can be manufactured superimposed mixed chains, tail can make bottles in too much dynamic point out, the transmission line is not stranded in the bottle, It can meet the pressure and no force conveying of vacant and reliable bottles.

Chain plate conveyor line software is really substantial, diversity is also reasonably vast, so the transmission chain plate application in all walks of daily life performs a very crucial function, transmission chain plate can also be named the transmission chain plate, according to the pitch can be divided into 31.75, 38.1, 50.8, 63.5, a hundred and one.6, the production materials can be carbon metal plate and stainless metal plate, Chain plate width and length is in accordance to the CZPT er ask for to make, chain plate of anticorrosive processing can be divided into two varieties of conveyor chain of boiled black and galvanized material: carbon metal, stainless steel, thermoplastic chain, in accordance to the needs of your product can choose distinct width, diverse designs of chain plate to complete the aircraft conveyor, plane, lifting, decreasing, etc.

Company Introduction:
HangZhou pinsheng automation market co., LTD. Relying on ZheJiang tiangang new materials science and technologies co., LTD., as its HangZhou branch, specializes in the generation and revenue of ultra high molecular polyethylene board, bar, extruded wear-resistant bar, guardrail, chain manual rail, screw, magnetic bending rail straight rail, bottle capper, bottle hanging bar and other products.
We largely Employs the German imports of raw materials creation sheet, rod, tube, film and other standard supplies and manufacturing chain guidebook rail, screw, rail bending, mat, guardrail, dress in resistance and other specific-formed merchandise, CZPT firm has domestic leading amount of the plank production line, the three functioning 6 production traces for the 4 levels, Germany imported generation traces, two forty manufacturing strains for the progressive die, There are 60 patent extrusion production traces, 6 specific extrusion production lines, 6 specific-formed molding equipment, much more than 20 CNC machining facilities and all sorts of processing equipment.
Our item top quality is superb, the merchandise has substantial use-resisting, self-lubricating higher impact resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties, we are dedicated to make superb and tough goods, and a lot of of the world’s best five hundred enterprises in-depth cooperation, cooperation with enterprises to create outstanding products and areas, welcome new and outdated CZPT ers to inquire, build contracts collectively.

china  supplier Packing Machine Heavy Duty Table Conveyor Chain manufacturers