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Solution Description

Large Duty Offset Sidebar Roller Chain

The heavy obligation offset sidebar roller chain is created for push and traction reasons, and is commonly employed on mining products, grain processing products, as effectively as equipment sets in steel mills. It is processed with high energy, affect resistance, and sporting resistance, so as to make certain protection in heavy responsibility apps.

For much more than 20 years, we have centered on the CZPT chains.

For far more than 20 several years, We have carried out hundreds of different sorts of industrial chains.

So we have a wealth of CZPT chain encounter.

Right here are some of the kinds of the chains.

Style and Processing Positive aspects
one. Produced of medium carbon metal, the offset sidebar roller chain undergoes processing steps like heating, bending, as properly as cold pressing right after annealing.

2. The pin hole is developed by impact extrusion, which will increase the interior floor smoothness for the hole. Therefore, the matching region between the sidebar and the pin is enhanced, and the pins supply higher safety towards hefty loads.

3. The integral warmth therapy for the chain plates and rollers ensures high tensile strength. The pins additionally undergo substantial-frequency induction heating for the surface following integral heat treatment method, guaranteeing higher strength, substantial surface hardness, and donning resistance as effectively. The floor carburizing treatment method for the bushings or sleeves assures substantial tensile toughness, fantastic area hardness, and improved influence resistance. These make sure the large responsibility transmission chain has extended service lifestyle.

Technological Specifications 
Chain No. contains: DC2814  DC4824  DC 0571  DC1037   DC1245   WG781 Etc.

Chain No. Pitch P (mm) Inner width of interior hyperlink plate b1 (max.) (mm) Diameter of roller d1 (max.) (mm) Peak of sidebar h2 (max) (mm) Thickness of sidebar T (mm) Size of pin L (max.) (mm) Diameter of pin d2 (max.) (mm) Tensile energy Q (min.) (KN) Excess weight per meter q (kg)
DC2814 88.9 44.forty five 63.five fourteen.27 118 23.eighty one 630  
DC4824 152.four 76.2 76.2 one hundred fifteen 25.four 220 forty two 1900  
DC 0571 114.3 50.eight fifty seven.15 76.2 14.two 133.nine 27.94 760  
DC6042C 152.four seventy six.2 76.two one hundred and one.six 19.05 186 38.1 1400  
DC1037 37 31.seventy five forty three 8.7 95 sixteen.five 294  
DC1245 103.forty five forty seven.8 45.two sixty fourteen.two 128 25.4 550  
DC1538 77.9 41.four fifty seven.2 nine.7 97 19.05 340  
DC4014 103.two 50.8 forty four.45 57.2 127.fourteen 430  
DC W140 139.7 86 65.2 90 twenty a hundred ninety 37 1200  
DC3315 103.forty five 49.three 45.two sixty fourteen.two 132 twenty five.4 550  
DC6065C 152.4 76.2 seventy five.92 120.65 19.05 184 44.4 2268  
DC103.2 103.two forty nine.two 46 sixty 13 123.2 23 539  
DC1031C seventy eight.1 36.eighty three 32 38.1 eight 88.two 15.seventy seven 109  
DC10199 a hundred and one.6 fifty fifty seven.15 seventy six.2 12.7 133 27.ninety four 850  
DC13P seventy 38.1 31.seventy five forty 95 sixteen.five 250  
DC WTG80 80 38 36 forty five ten ninety seven 19.05 288  
DC4123-A 103.89 49.21 50.eight sixty nine.85 14.29 129 25.4 694  
DC882 66.27 28.58 22.23 28.four six.four 67.five 115.6  
DC3500 88.9 38.6 44.45 fifty eight 12.7 113.39 559  
DC5031 127 sixty nine.9 sixty three.five 88.nine fifteen.88 158.26 three.55 1332.eight  
DC6042 152.four 74.6 seventy six.2 a hundred twenty 182 1600  
DC1244 103.2 48 44.forty five fifty five 13 123.five 22 476  
DC WG103.2H 103.two 49.two 46 60 16 137.five 24 622.3  
DC RO3 1/two 88.nine 36.9 31.seventy five 60 13.5 117.six 22.23 556  
DC RO3C seventy 36.nine 31.seventy five forty five nine.five 95.three sixteen.five 298.2  
2571 sixty three.five 31.75 47.eight 7.9 90.7 15.9 262 fourteen
2510 seventy 31.seventy five 36.nine 40 eight 94.eight sixteen 271 ten.7
2512 seventy seven.9 39.six 41.28 fifty seven 103.4 19.08 378 eighteen
2814 88.nine forty four.four 60.5 12.7 117.6 22.25 516 twenty five
3315 103.45 49.three forty five.24 63.5 14.two 134.six 23.eighty five 596 27
3618 114.3 fifty two.3 57.15 seventy nine.2 fourteen.2 141.2 27.ninety seven 814 38
4571 127 69.9 sixty three.five 91.9 fifteen.7 168.1 31.seventy eight 1054 fifty two
4824 152.four 76.2 seventy six.two 104.six 19 187.five 38.13 1521 sixty eight
WG/WB collection
WG781 seventy eight.18 33 forty five 10 ninety seven seventeen 313.six sixteen
WG103 103.two 49.two forty six 60 13 a hundred twenty five.5 23 539 26
WG140 a hundred and forty 80 65 ninety twenty 187 35 1176 fifty nine.two
WB9525 ninety five.25 39 45 sixty five 16 124 23 635 22.two
WB7900 79 39 31.5 fifty four 9.5 93.five eighteen.5 381 12.eight
WB7938 79.38 forty one.two 40 fifty seven.2 9.five a hundred 19.5 509 18.7
WB238 88.9 36.8 forty four.4 fifty seven.two 113.4 22.fifteen 501.4 twenty five.four
WB1207 127 68.three sixty three.5 88.nine 158.3 31.seventy five 1044 53.1

Why Decide on DCC? 
1.HangZhou Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.wu chain transmission producing co.,Ltd is a skilled manufacture of chains,and is the member unit of CZPT National complex committee for standardization for CZPT transmission,

two.we occupied an location more than a hundred thousand sqm,owned regular workshops in excess of 30 thousands sqm and in excess of 300sets of professional equipments to generate chains in large-scale as properly as total inspection and test products.

three.we passed by means of the authentications of ISO9001:2000 intercontinental high quality technique and ISO14001 environmental management method .

four,we have 75% of products which are exported to CZPT pe,The usa,Japan , CZPT Asia ,and so on,

5.Far more than 10years manufacturing facility knowledge,Practically all the areas are produced by CZPT possess manufacturing facility,therefor we can control the value and high quality.

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